Should You Livestream a Video of You Punishing Your Child?

So spanking kids is WAY out of style. But how about VIRTUALLY spanking them?

There's a trend that's getting more and more popular where parents are LIVESTREAMING themselves punishing their kids. So you can go on YouTube or Facebook and watch the kid getting disciplined in real time.

And it's causing a BIG debate online about whether it's appropriate.

On one hand, if your kid does something really bad and you want the punishment to resonate, an online public humiliation is one hell of a way to guarantee it.

But on the other hand, is it appropriate to broadcast something like that to strangers . . .and leave a permanent video record of it that could haunt the kid for their whole life?

Also, depending on your punishment method, you could have the cops knocking on your door.

A parenting coach named Sue Atkins says she's VERY against online child shaming.Quote, "This is not for the benefit of the child . . . it's all about attention."

(New York Post)


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