Happy Tax Day!

It's Tax Day. And according to a new survey, almost NO ONE thinks they should personally be paying more taxes than they already do.

1,500 Americans were asked this question: "Considering what you GET from the federal government, do you think you pay MORE than your fair share of taxes, LESS than your fair share, or about the right amount?"

Only 6% said they pay LESS than their fair share . . . 35% said they pay too much . . .33% said it's about right . . . and 26% said they they're not sure.

Here are four more stats about paying taxes . . .

1. 71% of Americans said they'd already filed their taxes by the beginning of this month. 18% hadn't, and another 11% said they don't have to file this year.

2. 6% . . . or about 1 in 17 people . . . said they usually wait until the night before Tax Day to file. So if you're waiting until the last minute this year, you're not alone.

3. The top five things we do with our refund are pay off debt . . . put it in the bank . . .treat ourselves to something nice . . . spend it on necessities . . . and spend it on something big that we NEED, like a car repair.

4. 7% of us actually ENJOY doing our taxes each year. 

(YouGov / National Today)

Photo:  Getty Images

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