Earth Day is Sunday

This Sunday is Earth Day. And if you already knew that, it might mean you're more DATABLE than other people . . .

A new survey by the dating app Zoosk found 78% of its members want to date someone who cares about the environment. And 74% said if they saw someone litter on a date, it would be a deal-breaker. Here are four more dating stats for Earth Day . . .

1. The top three deal-breakers that have to do with the environment are littering,wasting food, and leaving lights on. Wasting food is a bigger deal than most people realize. A new study found the average American wastes almost a POUND a day.

2. The HOTTEST eco-friendly thing you can do is PICK UP litter. The rest of the top five are recycling, being energy efficient, gardening, and shopping at a farmers market.

3. The states with the highest percentage of single people who care about the environment are Vermont, Alaska, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Virginia.

4. The top eco-friendly terms to use in your dating profile to get more matches are"reuse," "organic," "environment," "farmers market," and "nature." 

(Zoosk /

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