Nickelodeon Is Reviving "Double Dare"

Nickelodeon is reviving "Double Dare" . . . the game show where kids answer trivia questions, or opt to do messy stunts called "physical challenges."

The show was hosted by Marc Summers, and it originally ran from 1986 to 1993.There were a few spin-offs . . . "Super Sloppy Double Dare" and "Family DoubleDare" . . . and it was briefly brought back for one season in 2000.

Nickelodeon has ordered 40 new episodes, which will begin airing this summer . . .but there's no word on a specific premiere date or a host yet.

"Variety" says the revival will feature "several unnamed guests from the show's earlier years," whatever that means. Were there really recognizable superstars who excelled at digging plastic flags out of the goo inside a giant nose?

If so, it MIGHT be amusing to see them back in action, now 30 years older.

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