Average Worker Spends 26% Their Day Slacking Off

When you're at work, how much of that time is spent FOCUSING on your duties? And how much are you just slacking off and AVOIDING work?Apparently if you're working more than 75% of the time, you're above average.

A new survey found the average worker is "disengaged" 26% of the time. So about a quarter of the average workday is spent slacking off . . . taking bathroom breaks . .. and doing things like browsing social media.

And 1 in 5 people partially blame their BOSS for it. 19% said they'd be more engaged at work if they had a better boss.

When people were asked what would make them slack off less, a better boss was the sixth most popular answer.

The top five answers were better perks . . . more challenging work . . . less red tape. . . a LIGHTER workload . . . and more work outings or team-building activities.(It's not clear why getting a raise wasn't one of the options.)

People in L.A., Miami, and New York admitted to slacking off the MOST. And the cities with the least amount of slacking are Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, and Charlotte.


Photo:  Getty Images

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