4 Steps to Prep Body if Drinking This Weekend

This weekend is Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby. So if you're going to be throwing back some drinks, here are four steps on how to prep your body so you don't feel terrible come Monday . . .

1. Drink water. If you only follow one tip from this list, it should be this one. Drink water before you go out drinking, while you're drinking, and after you're done drinking, and you'll feel a lot better because of it.

2. Eat some carbs. Alcohol breaks down your body's stores of glycogen, which is a quick energy source stored in the liver. So eating something like pasta before you drink helps your glycogen levels stay full. Healthy fats and lean proteins like avocado, nuts,chicken, and fish are also good to eat before you go out.

3. Take an antacid. When you drink, it causes your stomach to produce more acid. So drinking something like Alka-Seltzer before you go out will help combat that effect.

4. Eat some yeast. This is definitely the WEIRDEST tip on the list. But Jim Koch, the guy who created Sam Adams, swears by it. Supposedly if you mix active dry yeast in some yogurt before you go out drinking, it helps break down the alcohol in your stomach so you don't feel as terrible the next day.

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