We Hate Scrubbing Toilets More Than Any Other Chore

There's something just SOUL CRUSHING about sitting on your knees in front of a toilet, scrubbing and sweating to try to get rid of all the nastiness that's accumulated around the bowl.

According to a new survey that definitely seems accurate, cleaning the toilet is THE most hated chore in America. Here's the full top five . . .

1. Cleaning the toilet.

2. Cleaning the oven.

3. Washing the windows.

4. Removing hair from the drain.

5. Unclogging the sink.

What chore bothers us the least? Emptying the dishwasher.

The survey also found the average person can think of SIX chores right now that they should do but they've been putting off.

(Yahoo News)

Photo:  Getty Images

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