A Contact Lens That Shoots Laser Beams From Your Eyes

Many years from now, after the apocalyptic world war when gangs and rabid wolves are all that roam the Earth, people are going to look back at this day as the moment we began turning into futuristic killing machines.

Scientists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland just created a contact lens that allows you to shoot LASER BEAMS from your EYES. I repeat: Shoot laser beams from your eyes.

Now . . . at this point, these aren't exactly ready to turn you into a Terminator. They only emit a very low-powered laser light that would be better for, like, scanning a bar code than vaporizing your enemies.

And they only work when a different laser is shined at them to power them.

But this technology now exists. And the scientists who made it recognize where it's probably going to go . . . they even cited, quote, "superheroes with lasers in their eyes" in their academic report on what they made.


Photo:  newsweek.com

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