Will Ticketmaster Replace Tickets with Facial Recognition?

There are a lot of problems with concert ticketing . . . especially scalpers who scoop up a bunch of tickets at face-value the minute they go on sale,and then turn around and charge fans a fortune for them.

But Ticketmaster is looking at a possible way around that: FACIAL RECOGNITION. It's possible that someday they'll have our FACE on file along with your other info. That way, scalpers get squeezed out of the buying process.

And at the venue, the only proof of purchase you'd need to bring is your FACE. No ticket necessary.

It seems like a massive invasion of privacy, but it COULD be the future. There's no timetable for any of this yet. It's not even clear if the technology is ready.

(In addition to us giving away too much of our personal information to corporations, this also sounds like a giant headache if something comes up and you have to sell your ticket. Or what about buying a ticket for a friend?How do you "transfer" it to them?)

(The Verge)

Photo:  Getty Images

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