Should You Be Allowed to Cheer for Your Kid at Graduation?

Should you be allowed to cheer for your kid at graduation? Some people think it's fine.Some don't, because it distracts from the next person in line who's getting their diploma.And a school in South Carolina is trying to take a pretty hard stance on it this year.

Administrators at Greenville High School recently threatened to FINE people more than a THOUSAND BUCKS if they cheer when their kid's name is announced. The exact amount is $1,030. It's not clear how they arrived at that number.

They say it should be a, quote, "dignified and solemn occasion," so parents shouldn't"cheer, whistle, or applaud." And they suggested the COPS would issue the fine for disturbing the peace. They already had to walk it back though after a police spokesman rejected the idea, and said cheering at graduation is, quote, "not a police matter."

Photo:  Getty Images

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