When Carrie Underwood Needs to Cry, She Gets Into Her Car

CARRIE UNDERWOOD was on yesterday's "Today Show" . . .and HODA KOTB asked her about "the fall" and the scar on her lip. As fans, it's stuff we've already heard about.

But they also talked about her song "Cry Pretty", and that was interesting. They both admitted that crying is something they just need to do once in a while.

Carrie said, quote, "I feel like people relate to [the song] because it's like, 'oh man . .. sometimes you just have to let it out.'" Hoda said she cries in the bathroom because "there's no other escape hatch."

Carrie said people have been telling her about all the places they go to cry. She's heard closet, shower . . . bathroom. And then she revealed her special place.

Quote, "I feel like my car kind of is for me because [it's] just that you feel safe in your little bubble car."

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Photo:  Getty Images

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