It's National Chocolate Chip Day

I was JUST thinking that we need an excuse to eat more chocolate. I mean, it's not like we'd eat it otherwise, right?

Apparently, today is National Chocolate Chip Day. That's NOT to be confused with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which is August 4th. You need to learn the subtle nuanced differences in our country's made-up holidays, pal.

Anyway, here are a few results from a survey in honor of today's holiday . . .

1. 2% of Americans say they HATE chocolate chips, and another 5% dislike them.57% love them, and 36% like them. That means 93% of Americans are pro-chocolate chip, which might be THE biggest consensus on ANYTHING in the country.

2. Our five favorite ways to eat chocolate chips are: In cookies . . . in raw cookie dough. . . straight out of the bag . . . in ice cream . . . and in granola bars.

3. Milk chocolate chips are by FAR the most popular type. 51% say those are their favorite. 17% like white chocolate the most . . . 16% like semi-sweet . . . 15% like dark .. . and 1% like bittersweet.

4. And finally, 6% of people say they eat dark chocolate for their health . . . and 1% of people say milk chocolate isn't real chocolate. 

(National Today)

Photo:  Getty Images

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