Woman Got Fired for Baking Laxative-Laced Brownies

Here's a reminder to just quit while you're ahead. Because sometimes that spiteful, parting shot in a feud can end up bringing YOU down . . .

A 47-year-old woman at an engineering company near Ann Arbor, Michigan found out that a coworker she HATED was leaving their job earlier this month. It's not clear why they didn't like each other, but they'd had issues in the past.

So she decided to send them off by pretending to be nice, and giving them some homemade brownies on their last day. And she secretly laced them with LAXATIVES.

She told another coworker about it, and thought they were on her side. But they snitched on her, and then the COPS got involved.

She tried to deny it. But they threatened to have their forensics team test the brownies to see what was in them. So at that point, she came clean . . . and got FIRED for it.

In the end, the coworker she had a feud with didn't even eat them. And she's actually lucky they didn't. Because if they had, she'd also be facing jail time. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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