The "Yanny"/"Laurel" Debate Was Started by a High School Freshman

There's been a heated debate the last couple days over an audio clip of a SINGLE WORD. Some people think the voice is saying "laurel," and other people hear it as "yanny."

Now we have some context on how the whole thing got started . . . and a definitiveanswer on which one is correct.

It turns out a high school freshman in Georgia named Katie Hetzel got the debate going last Friday while she was studying for a literature class. One of the vocabulary words she needed to look up was "laurel."

So she looked up the definition on the website . . . played a clip of how to pronounce it . . . and THAT'S where the audio came from.

So if "laurel" is what you hear, you're technically correct.

What do you HEAR?

Photo:  Getty Images

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