Mystery Pooper Identified

There's a high school in Holmdel, New Jersey that's been having issues with a MYSTERY POOPER defecating outside, near their football field.

It was literally happening on a daily basis. So several teachers recently talked to the school, and set up a surveillance operation to try to catch the person. Which they finally did on Monday.

And it turns out it wasn't some vagrant, or a student doing it as a dumb prank . . . it was another school's SUPERINTENDENT.

Cops arrested 42-year-old Thomas Tramaglini around 5:45 in the morning on Monday after they caught him IN THE ACT. He's the head of a different school district about 30 miles north. But he lives closer to the school where he was caught.

It turns out he liked going for jogs on their track every morning. So apparently all that running really got things MOVING for him. And there was no bathroom, so he just did his business out in the open. It doesn't sound like it was a rivalry thing.

It looks like he'll probably lose his job over it. He currently makes about $150,000 ayear. And he's also facing charges for public defecation, public lewdness, and littering.

( / Asbury Park Press)

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