Women Are Now Hiring Shrinks to Help Them Shop

Apparently, personal stylists and shopping consultants aren't good enough for rich people now. They've found a way to pay someone even MORE to go shopping with them . . . now they're hiring shopping PSYCHOLOGISTS.

Yeah, women are taking psychologists with them when they go shopping, to help them find clothes that make them feel good MENTALLY, not just physically.

Ania Schwartzman is a clinical psychologist in New York City, and she just launched her, quote, "personal wardrobe consultancy" service.

It costs $250 an hour, and for that money, she'll help find clothes that work with your mental state. She says she mostly works with women who are in a transition phase in life . . . like just divorced or a new mom . . . and she helps make shopping therapeutic.

Does anyone really NEED that service? Absolutely not. Are more and more people going to be offering it? Absolutely.

(New York Post)

Photo:  Getty Images

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