7 Firefighters Became Dads in Just Over a Year

If these guys all took paternity leave at the same time, their town would be in big trouble . . .

There's a photo going viral of seven firefighters at the same firehouse in Glenpool,Oklahoma, who all became new dads in just over a year's time.

There are 20 firefighters at the station, and 7 of them had babies. So that's 35% of the entire department.

One guy's wife had a kid about 15 months ago. Then six more of them had babies one after another. The youngest is about 4 weeks old.

In the photo, they're all lined up in front of the station with their kids . . . five girls and two boys.

All seven of the families are friends outside of work and hang out. So it's just been baby-mania for the past year-and-change.

One of the wives posted the photo on Facebook and joked that there must be something "in the water." 

(CBS News / NY Post / Facebook)

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