American Parents Invented 1,100 New Baby Names Last Year

It feels like the trend these days is parents either give their kid the most unique name possible . . . or they say, "Whatever, let's just go with Emma."

The website Quartz analyzed all of the Social Security Administration's new data on baby names last year, and they found that parents in this country INVENTED 1,100 new baby names in 2017.

But even though these names had never been used before, some of them were surprisingly common last year.

The most popular new name was Camreigh, spelled C-A-M-R-E-I-G-H. Yeah, it's perfect if you want to name your kid after your reliable Toyota but not give them TOO much of a plug, I guess. 91 parents gave their kids that name last year.

The second-most popular new name was Asahd, spelled A-S-A-H-D, with 58 babies.And it may be based on DJ Khaled's son who was given that name in 2016. 

The third-most popular new name was Taishmara, spelled T-A-I-S-H-M-A-R-A, which went to 38 babies. That name could be based on the Internet celebrity Taishmara Rivera, so I guess she invented it first.

Some of the other popular new made-up names last year were Kashdon . . . Draxler . . .Noctis . . . Ledgen . . . Miraclle with two "Ls" . . . and Cersei. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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