People Tell Cam That Women Prefer Listening to Male Singers

This is a question for the ladies. Do you prefer listening to male singers or female singers? It's not going to change what we do here. We play the best music no matter who's at the mic.

We're thinking about this because people have been telling CAM that women don't like to hear songs by female artists. She says, quote, "They'll tell me that women like to listen to men sing because we like to believe that they're our boyfriend."

That's beyond condescending, and I can't imagine being a female singer and having to listen to nonsense like that. Fortunately, Cam's smart enough to see through it.

She adds, quote, "I think our entire culture [has] subliminal ways that keep reminding women that they're less valuable . . . their stories are less valuable, their time is less valuable, that they shouldn't get paid as much."

It's all hidden and I think we need to open our minds a little bit more to be able to recognize it. I think women feel it but don't even know how to name it."

Photo:  Getty Images

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