Woman Shamelessly Shaved Her Legs in a Hotel Pool

Have you ever been at a hotel and needed a shower . . . but you were too lazy, so you just jumped in the pool? This is a continuation of that thought process. And it's GROSS . . .

Someone in Florida was at the pool at a hotel. (It's not clear what city they were in, or what hotel it was.) And there was a woman sitting on the edge, dipping her feet in while watching her kids. Which is perfectly fine and responsible.

But while she was sitting there, she was also shamelessly SHAVING HER LEGS and using the pool water to wash the blade off.

We've heard plenty of stories about people PEEING in pools. But shaving is a new one for us.

The person who saw it posted a video on Reddit. Now the footage and screenshots from it are bouncing around the internet.


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