A Man Is Suing CVS For Ruining His Marriage

This may be the first time that Viagra has HURT a marriage.

There's a guy on Long Island, New York named Michael Feinberg, and he started taking Viagra . . . without telling his wife. And to make sure she didn't find out, he didn't use their insurance, so he was paying more than $60 a pill at CVS.

Well . . . a few days after he filled his prescription, his wife called that CVS to check on one of HER prescriptions. And the employee there mentioned Michael's Viagra to her.

Michael says that his marriage has, quote, "broken down" because of that.

So now, he's suing CVS for violating his privacy. He didn't specify how much money he's looking for in the lawsuit.

(Huffington Post)

Photo:  Getty Images

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