Broccoli Coffee Is Now a Thing

I understand that all of us could stand to get more vegetables into our bodies. But do we have to mess with one of the last JOYS in life to do it?

A coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia just started selling BROCCOLI COFFEE. Which is just what it sounds like: Coffee with broccoli in it. Specifically, they use a special powder made from broccoli, and add it to lattes.

On the bright side, just two tablespoons of the powder is the equivalent of five servings of vegetables.

On the down side, apparently you can REALLY taste the broccoli flavor in your coffee, and it's not exactly delicious. Plus the powder adds kind of a sickly green tint to the entire drink.

There's no word on whether any coffee shops in the U.S. are going to start adding vegetables to their drinks . . . but hey guys, no rush. 


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