Average Person Thinks God Looks Like Brad Pitt

I guess if God was one of us, he really would be just a stranger on the bus.

A new study at the University of North Carolina asked over 500 Christians what they think God looks like. And the average answer is . . . a pretty basic white dude.

The best comparison we saw is to a young Brad Pitt, but some people on Twitter also think the image looks like Jimmy Fallon . . . Elon Musk . . . or Val Kilmer.

But the study found that the person that God looks like the most is . . . you. At least in your eyes.

The researchers say, quote, "Older participants saw an older God, more attractive participants saw a more attractive God, and African Americans saw a marginally more African American God."

The only thing everyone had in common? Everyone pictured God as being male. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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