22% of People Won't Buy Father's Day Gifts Until Father's Day

I know Father's Day doesn't get the same treatment as Mother's Day, but we should all try a little harder than THIS.

According to a new survey, 22% of people won't buy Father's Day gifts for their dad until Father's Day. Like, on the way to meeting him for lunch, they'll pop into a Rite Aid and buy him a card and two quarts of motor oil or something.

And the saddest part is . . . he'll pretend it doesn't bother him, but it will.

Another survey found that dads really DO care about Father's Day a lot more than they let on.

93% of them say they really want to get a gift on Sunday . . . even though about half of them won't admit it to their kids.

(Talking Retail / The Oklahoman)

Photo:  Getty Images

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