77% of People Wish They Could Work From Home

Apparently the new American dream is to WORK NAKED.

According to a new survey, 77% of people say they wish they could work from home. And that includes almost nine out of 10 people who are 34 or younger.

So is there any downside? 19% of people say NO, telecommuting is perfect in every way.

Four out of five people say there ARE downsides . . . but the biggest one isn't what happens when THEY work from home, it's when their lazy coworkers do.

About a quarter of people say that the worst part of telecommuting is when other people abuse the privilege and don't stick to their hours.

The other big flaws are: Feeling isolated . . . not developing great relationships with coworkers . . . not being considered for promotions . . . and not having people to bounce ideas off of.

(PR Newswire)

Photo:  Getty Images

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