Top Spots Your Boss Doesn't Want You to Get Tattoo

Are you currently weighing the pros and cons of getting a sweet FACE TATTOO. (???) If so, this might help you make a more informed decision . . .

According to a new survey, your face is the number one spot bosses DON'T want you to get inked up. SHOCKING, right?

500 hiring managers were asked about different tattoo locations, and how they might affect your chances of landing a job. Here are the top three spots on your body you might want to think twice about . . .

1. Your face. 78% said of hiring managers said it would hurt your chances of getting hired. But 17% claimed it wouldn't make a difference . . . and 4% actually said they'd be MORE likely to hire someone with a face tattoo. (1% declined to answer.)

2. Your neck. 66% said it hurts your chances. 28% claimed it doesn't make a difference. 5% said it might actually help you land a job.

3. Your hands. 60% said it hurts your chances. 33% said no difference. And 6% said it might help. Another 41% said forearm tattoos would also lower your chances of getting hired.

One spot that DOESN'T matter as much is your lower back. 78% of hiring managers said a lower back tattoo makes no difference at all. Only 14% said it hurts your chances when you're applying for a job, and 6% said it increases them. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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