Woman Finds Long-Lost Sister After She Moves in Next Door

This is such a crazy coincidence, it's hard to believe it actually happened. But it did . . .

A 31-year-old woman in Eau Claire, Wisconsin named Hillary Harris was put up for adoption as a baby. And when she got pregnant with her own daughter in 2011, she started trying to track down her birth parents.

It turned out her father had passed away in 2002. But she found an obituary that listed his other kids. So she knew their names, but hadn't been able to find them online.

Then almost exactly one year ago, a couple moved in next door. They literally share a driveway with her. And she happened to see the woman's name on a package one day.

The name was "Dawn Johnson," which was one of the names in the obituary. So Hillary asked her what her dad's name was, and they found out they're HALF-SISTERS.

Now they see each other all the time, obviously. And Dawn gets to hang out with her niece she never knew she had. Hillary's daughter Stella is 7.

Hillary also tracked down her biological mother. It turns out her dad got around, and she was the result of an affair. So that's why she was put up for adoption. 

(NY Post)

Photo:  nypost.com

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