People Are Now Ghosting Jobs

Ghosting is one of the biggest dating trends of the past decade . . . where instead of breaking things off with someone, you just suddenly cut off all communication and disappear.

Well . . . it seems like people have REALLY enjoyed going down that non-confrontational road, so they're not just ghosting their dates anymore. Now they're ghosting JOBS.

According to HR managers and job recruiters, there's been a huge trend of people vanishing at various points in the hiring process.

They'll skip interviews. They'll totally stop communicating after the interview, even if the company wants to hire them. And sometimes, they'll even TAKE the job but just not show up on the first day.

So why is it happening? It's a mix of a strong job market and, yes, the ghosting trend that people have gotten used to with dating.

According to one recruiting firm, there are so many jobs available now, good people are winding up with multiple offers . . . and they'd rather avoid having to tell a company bad news, so they just stop responding. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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