6% of Us Get Angry When a Coworker Calls in Sick

When one of your coworkers calls in sick, is your first thought, "Oh, he's definitely faking and now I hate him even more than I did before, which I didn't think was possible, because I already REALLY hated him"?

According to a new survey, 6% of people say they get ANGRY when someone calls in sick at work.

And another 19% of people wouldn't take it that far, but they say they do get frustrated when someone calls in sick a lot.

That means about one out of four of your coworkers probably WON'T have any sympathy . . . and probably WILL have some resentment towards you . . . the next time you call in sick.

And that could explain another result from the survey . . . one-third of people say they've exaggerated how sick they were when they called off of work to make sure no one judged them.


Photo:  Getty Images

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