Congratulations Moundville 7/8 Rookie All-Star Team

Congratulations to the Moundville Rookie All-star team.  These boys were just put together at the end of the regular baseball season. They hosted and won their Sub -District Tournament in Moundville, then moved on where they play in the District 3 Tournament and finished 3rd place. 

They weren’t supposed to be going on to play for the state tournament because only the top 2 teams were supposed to advance, but some state officials watched their tournament and said the 3 teams playing in the district were some of the best competition they had seen.. and they were later invited to still play in the state tournament. 

They will go to Oxford Alabama July 5th to begin the 7/8 Rookie All-star State Tournament!! We would like to also throw in there that at the end of the District Tournament hosted in Taylorville, the boys received a huge trophy for Sportsmanship.

Congratulations tot eh Moundville 7/8 Rookie All-Star Team!

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