Alabama #1 With Most Fast Food Restaurants

This is valuable information if where you live is based solely on how quickly you can get fast food in your face . . .

Someone looked at how many fast food joints there are in all 50 states, and ranked them according to how many there are per capita. Obviously more restaurants means more options, easier access, and maybe even shorter lines.

So who has the most? It turns out it's ALABAMA, with 63 fast food joints for every 100,000 people. Vermont has the least with 19 for every 100,000 residents.

The five states with the most are Alabama, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. The five with the least are Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Mississippi, and Connecticut. 

If you break it down by region, the Midwest has the most per capita, with 45 fast food spots for every 100,000 people. The South is next with 44, then the Western U.S. with 37, and the northeast with 25.

They also looked at different CITIES. And Orlando has the most fast food restaurants per capita. The rest of the top five are Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Miami, and St. Louis.


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