America's Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

84% of us have at least one guilty pleasure, according to a new survey. And we indulge five times a week on average. Here are the ten most common ones . . .

1. Ordering take-out or delivery.

2. Falling asleep with the TV on.

3. Having too much ice cream.

4. Procrastinating.

5. Buying yourself a treat, like a candy bar.

6. Singing in the car. It's the only one in the top ten that doesn't involve TV, food, or being lazy. (I guess it's a "guilty" pleasure if you know your voice sucks?)

7. Staying in your pajamas all day.

8. Eating fast food.

9. Bing-watching an entire TV series in one sitting.

10. Watching TV all day. Eating a whole bag of chips, having cereal for dinner, and drinking milk from the carton just missed the top ten.

And most of the WEIRDEST guilty pleasures people came up with ALSO involved food. Drinking pickle juice . . . eating baby food . . . eating mayonnaise straight from the jar . . . and one person who said they love to eat straight baking soda. (???) 

(NY Post)

Photo:  Getty Images

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