Walk Instead of Drive?

We're a car society and not a walking society. So even though our instinct is to hop in a car to get ANYWHERE, are there situations where we'll break that trend and actually use our legs?

A new survey asked people how close something has to be for them to walk instead of drive.

And the average answer is . . . they have to be able to get there on foot in 30 minutes or less.

So that's roughly a mile away. Which . . . I don't know. My eyes tell me a different story. And the survey does too, because people admit there are about 13 times a month where they drive somewhere they could easily walk.

The survey also found that the average person says they'll take the stairs instead of an elevator if they're going up four stories or less. Again, based on what I see, that kinda sounds like wishful thinking.

(News Anyway)

Photo:  Getty Images

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