It's So Hot That . . .

So yeah, we're in the middle of a global heatwave, and high temperature records are being set all over the world.

1. It's so hot that it's gotten up over 90 degrees in SIBERIA. That's almost double the normal temperature at this time of year.

2. It's so hot that a road melted in Newcastle, England . . . and a guy's foot sank in and he got stuck. The fire department had to use a hammer and chisel to get him out.

3. It's so hot that it's slowing down stock trading. The humidity is affecting radio transmissions to data centers in New Jersey, which is adding about eight microseconds to every stock trade . . . and that can actually make a huge difference.

4. It's so hot that fields in the country Wales are drying up . . . and revealing evidence of ancient civilizations underneath them.

5. And finally, it's so hot that someone in Quebec rigged tubes from their car into their apartment . . . to pump in more air conditioning. And someone else took a picture.

(Washington Post / Independent / Bloomberg / BBC / Reddit)

Photo:  Getty Images

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