Top Seven Reasons People Would Quit Their Jobs

There are lots of different reasons why someone would quit their job. Well, really, there's ONE main reason why someone would quit their job, and all the other reasons are third-party candidates getting the vote scraps.

A new survey asked people the number one reason why they'd leave their job. And "for more money" DOMINATED, with almost four times more votes than any other answer. Here are all the results of why someone would quit their job . . .

1. For more money, 44%.

2. For a company with a better mission, 12%.

3. I don't feel appreciated, 12%.

4. I'm bored or not challenged, 12%.

5. For a shorter commute, 7%.

6. For a corporate culture that's a better fit, 7%.

7. I don't like my boss, 6%.

The survey also found that as tempting as it is, you shouldn't curse out everyone in the office after you quit. Four out of five HR managers say that the way someone handles themselves when they quit can come back to affect them in the future. 

(PR Newswire)

Photo:  Getty Images

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