Amazon's Prime Day Had Good Deals, If Only the Website Didn't Keep Crashing

Well, we've got good news and bad news about Amazon's Prime Day yesterday. The good news? They actually had WAY better deals than the three previous Prime Days. The bad news? Their website couldn't handle the pressure.

Because when Amazon officially launched Prime Day yesterday afternoon . . . their website went down almost immediately.

And for the rest of the day, it had more troubles on and off . . . mainly when people tried to search for things.

Whenever there was an error, Amazon would take you to a page saying "Sorry" with a picture of a dog. LOTS of people saw those damn dogs . . . and went on social media to complain about them.

Prime Day is still going on all day today . . . hopefully with fewer glitches if you want to buy stuff.

Amazon was projected to make $3.4 billion in sales on Prime Day. And while there's no word yet on how the site going down will affect that number, it definitely didn't affect their stock price . . . Amazon stock hit a record high yesterday. 

(CNN Money)

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