A Guy Named King Kong Was Arrested

This has got to be the craziest example we've ever seen of someone living up to their name . . .

A 47-year-old guy in Storm Lake, Iowa is facing harassment charges after he told a bunch of kids he was going to EAT them earlier this month. And his actual name is . . . King Kong. (???)

His full name is King Kong Choul. And yes, his parents are either idiots . . . or huge monster movie fans.

He walked up to a group of kids on July 11th . . . said he wanted to season them with a bag of salt and EAT them . . . then chased them into an apartment complex.

He also made similar threats to a woman and her one-year-old baby nearby.

Police think alcohol may have been a factor, because he'd also been arrested four days earlier for public intoxication. 

(Pilot Tribune / ClickOnDetroit)

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