Got Naked at a Planet Fitness Blames Their Slogan

The Planet Fitness chain of gyms use a slogan saying they're a "judgment-free zone." It's their way of appealing to all the people who might be intimidated by more hardcore gyms.

Or, at least, they THOUGHT that's who they were appealing to.

There's a 34-year-old guy named Eric Stagno who went into a Planet Fitness in Plaistow, New Hampshire on Sunday . . . stripped totally naked . . . and then started doing yoga on one of their mats.

The staff called the cops. And when they got there, Eric told them he didn't understand why they were messing with him for being naked . . . since he thought it was a judgment-free zone. Check. Mate.

That's a hell of an excuse . . . and if I were one of the cops, I might've let him go for his creativity . . . but these cops weren't having it.

So he was arrested for indecent exposure, lewdness, and disorderly conduct. 

(New Hampshire Union Leader)

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