Man Trying to Visit Every Starbucks in the World

I totally get the dream of traveling the world. A lot of people have that dream. But I think this guy's interpretation of that dream went a little bit off the rails.

There's a 46-year-old guy named Rafael "Winter" Lozano, and it's his mission in life to visit every single Starbucks location on the planet.

He's been at it since 1997, and he's hit 14,403 of their locations . . . that includes 11,326 in America and 3,077 in more than 50 other countries.

And he's spent more than $150,000 on his quest.

So how's he pulling it off? He's a computer programmer who just takes contract work that he can do anywhere . . . so he can travel, go to Starbucks, and get his work done there.

And two more quick things. One . . . there are more than 27,000 Starbucks locations worldwide, so he's only about halfway through visiting all of them.

And two . . . he says he doesn't even like the taste of their coffee that much. 

(Starbucks Everywhere)

Photo:  Getty Images

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