Parents Now Hiring Video Game Tutors For Their Kids

When we were kids, our parents would scream at us to stop playing video games and get back to our math homework. Today? Parents are screaming at their kids to put down their math homework and get back to video games.

Believe it or not, some parents have started hiring VIDEO GAME TUTORS to help their kids. The tutors can run around $20-an-hour, and they'll help your kids get better at the biggest games right now . . . especially "Fortnite".

So what would possibly possess parents to hire a video game coach for their kids? There are three main reasons . . .

1. Helping their kid improve at "Fortnite" improves their social life. One parent told the "Wall Street Journal", quote, "There's pressure not to just play [a game] but to be really good at it."

2. Kids are more obsessed with video games than ever, so their parents want them to be really good at something they love that much. So in that way, it could be like when your parents got you, say, horseback riding lessons.

3. And with the rise of e-sports, if a kid gets good ENOUGH, maybe they could go pro at video games and make real money. 

(Wall Street Journal)

Photo:  Getty Images

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