Seeing Concerts Raises Your Life Expectancy

There's a new study out involving HEALTH and going to CONCERTS . . . and for once, it isn't about how terrible concerts are for your ears, lungs, eyes, stomach, liver, and so on.

Apparently, they're also GOOD for your LIFE EXPECTANCY. Very good.

A "scientific" study in Britain has found that going to concerts every two weeks can actually EXTEND your life expectancy by NINE YEARS. (???)

According to the study, a person's 'well-being' is increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of watching a concert . . . compared to 10% for doing yoga, and 7% for dog-walking.

That boost includes a 25% increase in feelings of self-worth . . . a 25% increase in feeling close to others . . . and a 75% increase in 'mental stimulation'.

People who go to concerts every two weeks are also more likely to score well in happiness, contentment, productivity, and self-esteem.

Photo:  Debbie Kizziah

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