10 Best Nicknames Baseball Players Will Wear

Major League Baseball is doing its "Players Weekend" thing again later this month, where players get to wear a NICKNAME on the back of their jersey. Here are the 10 highlights . . .

1. Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants chose 'Underpants.'

2. Michael Wacha of the St. Louis Cardinals is going with 'Wachamole.'

3. Brad Boxberger of the Arizona Diamondbacks is wearing two EMOJIS on his jersey . . . a cardboard box emoji, followed by a hamburger emoji. "Box burger," get it?

4. Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies is going with 'Big Fella' . . . so his teammate Tommy Hunter is trolling him by wearing the nickname 'Bigger Fella.'

5. Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers chose 'Pico de Gallo.'

6. James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners is 'Big Maple' . . . as in a maple leaf, because he's from Canada.

7. Brad Hand of the Cleveland Indians chose 'Brotein Shake.'

8. Yasmani Grandal of the L.A. Dodgers is going with the 'Yasmanian Devil.'

9. Shane Bieber of the Indians is going with 'Not Justin.'

10. Ender Inciarte of the Atlanta Braves chose 'Game Ender.'

This year, Players Weekend is August 24th through the 26th. MLB.com has the complete list . . . sorted by team. So you can easily scroll through the nicknames chosen by your favorite players.

Obviously, not everyone was in a creative mood. Corey Kluber of the Indians will just wear 'Kluber' on his back. Which is lame unless you're an Indians fan, and are familiar with Corey's stoic, emotionless personality. Then, it's fitting.

Mookie Betts of the Red Sox is just 'Mookie,' Buster Posey of the Giants is just 'Buster,' and Yadier Molina of the Cardinals is just 'Yadi.'

Photo:  Getty Images

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