30% of People Won't Date If You Have a Flip-Phone

If you're out on a date this weekend and start texting or scrolling through WhatsApp in the middle of it . . . it might NOT ruin your chances.

Almost half of single people in a new survey said it's becoming more socially acceptable to use your phone on a date. But pulling your phone out DOES still come with risks. Just not the ones you might think of.

30% of people said they'd stop dating someone if they had an older phone . . . like a flip phone . . . that couldn't support certain apps they use.

20% said it's a turn-off if the other person's phone doesn't have the same operating system. Like if they have an iPhone, and you have an Android.

And about 10% said a cracked screen is a major turn-off, because it makes you seem cheap, clumsy, or careless.

By the way, if you're out on a second or third date this weekend, don't try to rush things. Another new survey found the average person needs to go on NINE good dates before they're really ready to commit.

(Music Magpie)

Photo:  Getty Images

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