Courier Service Stopped Old Couple from Being Scammed

An elderly couple in St. Louis got a call this week from a guy who said he was a lawyer in New York, and that their grandson had been in a serious accident.

He said he needed them to send money through FedEx. And he even put someone on the phone who sounded like their grandson. But the whole thing was really a SCAM.

The most common name for it is the "Grandparents Scam." Basically, scammers target older people . . . find out who their grandkids are by searching online . . . and then use that information to steal their money.

But in this case, the owner of a courier service in St. Louis managed to STOP it. Nick Kirkou owns a place called Ontime Express Courier and Delivery that was hired to go pick up an envelope from the grandparents.

When he looked up the mailing address, he realized it was going to an apartment in the Bronx instead of a business. So he got suspicious and called the cops, who were able to confirm the grandkid was fine.

And it saved them a LOT of money. It turned out the envelope they were trying to mail was filled with 15 GRAND in cash.

Nick says he's obviously in the business of making money and fulfilling people's orders. But he also feels he has a moral obligation to look out for his customers. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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