Man's Dog Was Stolen by an Amazon Delivery Guy

Amazon wants people to trust delivery drivers to drop off packages inside their houses and their cars.  And maybe one day we will . . . but they'd sure as hell better clean up stuff like this.

A guy named Richard Guttfield from Buckinghamshire, England got home last Friday and found his miniature schnauzer puppy named Wilma was missing.

And he quickly figured out what happened:  When an Amazon delivery driver was dropping off a package of dog food . . . he STOLE THE DOG.

Richard started contacting Amazon over and over and eventually he got them to pay attention and retrace the driver's steps using the GPS from his truck.  They tracked him down, and his boss returned Richard's dog.

Amazon says the driver worked for an independent delivery company and they won't do business with them anymore.

There's no word on whether Richard is planning to get the cops involved. 

(Daily Mail)

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