The Ten Hardest Jobs

A new survey asked 1,000 people what the toughest jobs are. And somehow POLITICIAN made the list.

Obviously there's a lot of pressure in politics, and roughly half of everyone will hate you no matter what. But do they really work harder than YOU do? Anyway, here are the ten toughest jobs according to the survey . . .

1. Police officer or paramedic.

2. Soldier.

3. Doctor or nurse.

4. Social worker or psychologist.

5. Teacher or childcare worker.

6. Farmer.

7. Parent. (It's nice that Australians actually ADMIT it's a job.)

8. Mining jobs.

9. Trade jobs, like plumber or construction worker.

10. Pilot. CEO just missed the top ten at number 11, followed by politician in 12th place. 

(Daily News)

Photo:  Getty Images

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