Things Not to Feed Your Cat

posted by Todd Robbins - 

Here's something left over from World Cat Day last week. Someone polled 2,000 cat owners and asked them which foods they SHOULDN'T feed their cats. For example, 66% didn't know MILK is actually bad for them.

Here are nine more foods that are bad for your cat, and how many cat owners have no idea . . .

1. Chocolate. 38% of cat owners in the survey didn't know it's bad for cats.

2. Alcohol, 39%. Seems like everyone should know that, right?

3. Coffee, 49% didn't know.

4. Onions, 56%.

5. Garlic, 58%.

6. Raisins and grapes, 60% didn't know cats can't eat them.

7. Raw chicken, 70% didn't know.

8. Cheese, 73% didn't know it's bad for them.

9. Cream, 73%. 




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