"Sunday Night Football's" New 'Green Zone'

NBC seemed very excited to debut a new feature on "Sunday Night Football" last weekend . . . but it isn't going over so well on social media.

It's called the 'Green Zone' . . . and it basically does what the digital yellow line already does: It shows where the team needs to go to get a first down.

Now ALL the grass between the line of scrimmage and the first down is shaded a brighter shade of green. The first down yellow line is still there, but it's less bright, and there's also a white line where the line of scrimmage is.

Obviously, NBC thought this might be a fresh, updated look . . . but social media was NOT impressed. Most people just pointed out how pointless and unnecessary it is, since there was nothing wrong with the yellow line, which has been around since 1998.

One person Tweeted, quote, "Coming next week from NBC, 'The Yellow Zone,' we fill the space between the goal posts with yellow so you can see if [kicks] are good!"

Another said, quote, "Try a glowing football. That certainly worked for hockey" . . . and someone said, quote, "[When it was] 3rd and 1, where was the green zone? Now I have no idea where the first down is now."

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