Your Rap Name Is "Young" + Last Thing You Bought

A new social media meme says that your RAP NAME is 'Young' PLUS the last thing you spent money on. In some cases, it might actually work . . . in others it sounds ridiculous . . . but either way it's amusing.

And the best part is that some celebrities got in on the action. Here are a few:

Sarah Silverman: "Young Lyft", which is pretty good.

Alec Baldwin: "Young Tennis Shorts"

Billy Eichner: "Young Smoothie"

Zach Braff: "Young Pillow Case"

Kathy Griffin: "Young Penne Vodka"

Busy Phillips: "Young Gogo In-flight Internet"

Some non-celebrity highlights include: "Young Comprehensive Insurance Plan," "Young Back to School Supplies," "Young Gas," "Young Personal Pizza," "Young Tesla Model 3," and "Young Terrible's Stampede," which is apparently a car wash.

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