Company Will Quit Your Job For You For $450

Being passive-aggressive and non-confrontational is so hot right now, that this sounds like a BILLION-DOLLAR idea.

There's a company in Japan called Exit, and they only do one thing: Quit your job for you.

If you want to leave your job, but you're too afraid to have that talk with your boss, you pay Exit $450 and they take care of it. They call your boss and the HR department, break the news, and get the paperwork started.

The people at Exit say most of their clients are in their 20s and 30s, and the main reasons they want someone to quit for them are they're afraid their bosses will try to talk them into staying . . . or, yeah, they're just too nervous to do it themselves.

We did some searching, but we couldn't find any company over here that's offering this service. So hey, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, baby. Unfortunately, you'll have to quit your job on your own to start it up.

(The Ladders)

Photo:  Getty Images

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